Action 2 Collection

You can manage standard activities (phone calls, meetings, emails, notes, to-do lists), build project documentation and keep track of all ideas and decisions made in your project. The team members can log the time spent to fulfill planned activities. WBS owners can protocol progress by writing status reports, they will monitor the progress and keep an eye on the balance between planned and actual efforts. Let the system trigger notifications to users when the deadline of a WBS is approaching and the full completion level has not been reached yet. The integrated workflow framework makes it also possible to define any process involving approval by team members or any other kind of workflow.

Plan tasks and activities, upload documents per drag&drop

While working on the WBS element you may need to protocol phone calls, outgoing emails and meetings with your business partners or set tasks and attach project documents with drag&drop. Use the activity stream available in the WBS element to display all past and upcoming activities as well as to build your project documentation.

Log working hours

Employees can protocol their working hours directly from home screen using the project activity dashlet. Each planned activity for which the user has planned hours appears in the list. Employees can log their activities and enter the time they spent on the work they did. In this way, the manager can invoice each project phase, regardless if it was worked on by one or more employees.

Track level of completion with status reports

WBS elements shall be monitored for project follow up purpose. The status report in SpiceCRM is specially designed to log status changes and completion level for a WBS element. The reports will contribute to the project documentation and the traceability of project progress.