SpiceCRM for

Professional Services Providers

Deliver best in class services with a true Omni Channel based CRM

  • Omni Channel Presence right out of CRM
  • Handle Leads and your service Pipeline
  • Budget, plan and setup projects
  • Capture efforts and manage quote to settlement in an integrated system
  • Manage service tickets and customer feedback

SpiceCRM for

Logistic Service Providers

Orchestrate the supply chain from demand to shipped goods connecting all partners seamlessly

  • Pipeline management from lead to contract
  • Generate pixel perfect quotes from within the system
  • Full visibility of delivered services
  • Improve customer service with the ticket handling and management

SpiceCRM for

Public Services / NGOs

Manage your Eco System with full transparency on your value chain.

  • Better understand your supporters and all the involved players with a true 360° view
  • Manage customer and partner relationships
  • Handle and manage events, inviting the proper people, managing attendance and feedback
  • Take customer service and feedback seriously and guarantee follow through service.

“Implementing SpiceCRM was a significant step for us that enabled us to deliver better service and also to fully digitialize our service delivery. It connects out content management with our consultants and our customers delivering a true omnichannel customer experience.”

Johann Claussen, Managing Partner Struss & Claussen Personal Development

Communicate and sell your services, on all channels

SpiceCRM supports managing products, knowledge and services. It integrates seamlessly into your CMS or e-commerce platform. It also supports various channels for communication from email, to e-marketing, to social media to SMS. Integrated Product Marketing also helps to link the product and service development teams to collaborate closely with sales and service delivery.

  • Detail offers in CRM
  • Manage Target Lists and Audiences
  • Communicate offers consistently on all channels
  • Manage an integrated product development and delivery lifecycle

Bring visibility to your pipeline

Manage your Pipeline – from lead to closed Contract. Use SpiceCRMs option to create quotes right out of CRM and close the opportunity. Manage a clear pipeline for your business that allows you to increase your forecast accuracy.

  • Capture Leads on all Channels
  • Integrate your Webpage or e-commerce offers
  • Manage projects in the pipeline with clear revenue splits and ramp ups and product allocation
  • Leverage SpiceCRM’s CPQ option to build quotes in the systems
  • Increase the forecast accuracy with better pipeline visibility and accuracy

Plan and execute projects optimizing your delivery

Plan your engagement and project properly allocating all resources required with a clear picture of availability and the resource load. SpiceCRM helps you to ensure that Sales and Delivery will work properly together and start planning the projects when they hit the pipeline. This will not only help you to align the teams early on in the sales cycle but will also ensure to guarantee committed delivery dates that are reliable and achievable. The transparency during delivery will support that all teams also have a common understanding of the progress and the current status of projects.

  • Integrated planning and budgeting of projects
  • Create and plan projects early on in the customer engagement
  • Report progress and ensure project visibility from sales to service
  • Utilize the integrated invoicing and billing based on reported efforts

Provide superior service

With the full service suite in SpiceCRM, you can manage the complete customer service process. From taking calls to managing tickets to gathering customer feedback. SLAs will help you to ensure that customers are happy and no ticket gets lost. SpiceCRM also supports customer surveys using the built-in engine.

  • Full integrated ticketing process
  • SLA management ensure service levels are held
  • Utilize customer and NPS surveys

“SpiceCRM is really easy to use. It was easy to implement and provides a great base for us to grow our business.. The integrated reporting delivers fast and accurate insights.”

Michael Filler, Director Air & Sea, Ontime Logistics Speditions GmbH

CRM as flexible as your business needs

Being flexible and user-friendly is key to CRM adoption. Not only does SpiceCRM provide a unique user-interface but it also adapts to the use and the environment and provides a unique user-experience. Use it when and in what form you need it. It will adapt to your need and environment. Use it on the Desktop, on the tablet, as a mobile app on iOS or Android. Use it in Outlook or as part of GSuite and also use it with Lotus Notes. And if that is not enough the flexibility will allow you to further adapt it and match your business use cases.