“A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.”

— Scott Allen

Projects – from Idea to Execution

In many areas of your company, people will work together to deliver results. Results in terms of achieved sales figures and closed deals. Results in terms of work done for customers. Results in terms of driving innovation. The project management in SpiceCRM allows you to track and manage efforts right in the CRM and allocate projects to sales, service and products. Structure and time your projects using classic project and work breakdown structure. SpiceCRM will also help you to balance the workload and better understand what capacities are available in your organization. Allow your team to capture the efforts it delivers and also capture expenses like travel costs and tie this to the progress and level of completion. Track Milestones and also integrate sales documents to bill the efforts rendered and costs incurred.


A flexible and hierarchical WBS structure allows you to structure the projects in proper elements. Plan the capacities (internal and external, time and money) to allow proper costing and planning of the project. Balance resources and manage constraints ensuring you promise dates to your customers that you can keep.


Start the work and enable the teams to capture the real efforts. Capture not only efforts but also expenses. The integrated completion capturing allows the teams to easily assess the progress and put it in the relation between the planned and current efforts. Identify potential bottlenecks and overruns early.


With the integrated reporting you can always stay on top of the complete portfolio of projects. Get a grip on the projects running well and the ones that are in danger. Allow balancing of resources understanding the potential impact. The integrated billing also ensure that all services delivered are billed if that is required.

In SpiceCRM you can easily create a project related to an opportunity, account or/and contacts and manage the tasks to fulfill the contract. Create the project, add project actors and use the work breakdown structure (WBS) to split the team’s work into manageable sections. Define the deadlines and aggregate work by using activity types. The tree-view structure of the project will help to plan activities and estimate efforts for each WBS element. Having a project structure and an estimate of the time needed will allow you to create an offer based on the efforts allocated to each WBS element.

  • create a work breakdown structure

  • plan resources, check staff availability and estimate workload

  • aggregate activity types

  • calculate efforts & create quotes

You can manage standard activities (phone calls, meetings, emails, notes, to-do lists), build project documentation and keep track of all ideas and decisions made in your project. The team members can log the time spent to fulfill planned activities. WBS owners can protocol progress by writing status reports, they will monitor the progress and keep an eye on the balance between planned and actual efforts. Let the system trigger notifications to users when the deadline of a WBS is approaching and the full completion level has not been reached yet. The integrated workflow framework makes it also possible to define any process involving approval by team members or any other kind of workflow.

  • plan tasks and activities, upload documents per drag&drop

  • log working hours

  • track level of completion with status reports

  • approve & charge efforts