That’s the beautiful thing about baseball. You can be any size and be successful.

— Andrew Benintendi

No matter how big your Organizations is – there is a way

A company is never too small to start taking customer relationships seriously and focusing on doing things right. SpiceCRM is flexible enough to cater to small budgets and still deliver outstanding solutions to enhance your customers’ experience. It can serve the regular mid-sized company and be a great CRM tool that is flexible and feature-rich. And of course we also serve the needs of large enterprises. With deep integration needs, the utter flexibility and potentially serving as a business process management platform that scales without limits and supports full customization.

  • get started in minutes
  • use without hassle as cloud solution
  • use everywhere and on any device
  • follow best practices and standard processes
  • focus on growing and running your business and not on IT
  • choose the dployment (as-service vs on-premise)
  • enjoy the capability to adopt
  • integrate other systems (Groupware, Telphony, ERP, e-commerce, ..)
  • deliver role based experience
  • Leverage built in best practices
  • Scale without limits (thousands of users, millions of records)
  • benefit from a GPL or mixed license model
  • Deploy on-premise with fiull support for Oracle and other databases
  • build your own apps and extend witout limits


  • Out of the Box CRM Functionality
  • all core CRM Features from Marekting to Service
  • Integrated Reporting and Workflows
  • Hosted and operated by us as Cloud Service


  • Deployed on Demand or on Premise
  • Integrate with other Systems (ERP, Webshop, …)
  • Flexible role based customization
  • Add custom functionality


  • Highly customizable Platform
  • No cost per user – lowest TCO
  • Open Standards
  • Highly scalable

CRM as flexible as your business needs

Being flexible and user-friendly is key to CRM adoption. Not only does SpiceCRM provide a unique user-interface but it also adapts the use and the environment and provides a unique user-experience. Use it when and in what form you need it. It will adapt to your need and environment. Use it on the Desktop, on the tablet, as a mobile app on iOS or Android. Use it in Outlook or as part of GSuite. Use it with Lotus Notes. And if that is not enough the flexibility will allow you to further adapt it and match your business’s use cases.