Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

— Steve Jobs

User Experience on a new Level

Usability, speed and flexibility are the key aspects we had in mind and always have in mind when building the SpiceCRM Frontend. We try to minimize clicks and make the UI as intuitive as possible. The design is based on the Lightning Design System.

SpiceCRM is role-driven with the option to configure it so it matches a specific user group’s needs. SpiceCRMsupports multi-languages adopting to your language and the terms used in your company. SpiceCRM can be customized to match your own CI. SpiceCRM is fast and built on AngularJS – the latest technology framework provided by Google.

SpiceCRM supports all modern HTML5 compatible browsers. From Chrome to Safari, to Edge to Firefox. We have openness in our DNA.


SpiceUI has the user in mind. It is role-based. It is built on “Lightning Design” providing a clean look and ease of use minimizing training needs. SpiceUI leverages HTML5 capabilities like Speech Recognition and others. SpiceUI is role-based allowing easy customization of layouts and screens to match individual user groups focusing on their work environments and needs.


SpiceUI is a 100% web component-based Framework. It can be fully customized using metadata that is defined in the backend and drives the look and behavior of the frontend. SpiceUI can also easily be extended by adding custom components or other web elements into the UI. The flexibility is key to CRM adoption.


SpiceUI is built on the latest Technology. The core Technology is based on Angular from Google, the Design is based on Lightning Design. The Framework is fully written adopting HTML5 Standards leveraging WebComponents as a core concept. This ensures flexibility, speed and secure investment.

Web Components
Lines of Angular Code
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Role Based

One of the main concepts is the role-based setup. This allows assigning users to one or multiple roles. Roles define the complete system layout and interactions. This allows configuring the system to adapt to the specific needs of user groups within the company. Ranging from setup of views to shortcuts, to dashboards and reports.

Flexible Views

The web component architecture allows defining flexible views optimizing the information needed for the given role and records viewed. A rules-based engine in the backend also allows to show or hide fields based on specific values. Asides from a predefined set of standard fields delivered as part of the core it is also easily possible to add custom components or elements.

Full Text Search

Elastic Search as a search engine that powers SpiceCRM allows a highly customizable Full-Text Search enabling users to find records across the system at an unparalleled speed. Search results can be configured to match the business needs. At the same time, this allows easy and fast access to recently viewed records and the browsing history of the user.


The frontend is built with all kinds of form factors in mind being fully responsive. It adapts to being used on the desktop, on the tablet or on the mobile. Use SpiceCRM wherever you are and on all devices. And the most important part that it is always the same system and the same architecture. So any change you make is also available on any device and any platform. And also all can be built using the same configuration logic and mechanisms.

Technology matters

A modern UI is not only defined by the Design. It is also defined by the technology used. While a user might not necessarily see this, any user experiences it. Up to date technology is not only a mandatory fact to be in line with corporate security standards, but it also ensures compatibility with modern browsers, fast and responsive behavior and full support for the latest the internet has to offer. SpiceCRM’s Frontend is built on the latest Release of Angular powered by Google ( And also google plays an open game here and licenses angular under an open-source license.

Design matters

Why reinvent the wheel when the best in class is available public licensed? That was one of the questions we asked ourselves and decided to adopt the “salesforce lightning design system”. It is in our opinion currently one of the best design systems on the market to build enterprise solutions. With clear standards, high usability and a focus on CRM and Enterprise apps it is a de facto standard. And best of all – it is licensed with an open-source license as well.