Opportunity 2 Contract

A graphical guide in the Opportunity details at any stage what the required steps are. It performs checks and highlights if all required steps are completed or actions are missing. The guide is fully configurable and can thus be defined according to the company’s standards and sales process. The Sales Manager can plan activities or add relevant notes, whether he refines customers’ needs, defines and presents a solution or submits a proposal. Moreover, he can track the progress of his negotiations. The Opportunity History provides an overview of all significant changes. Both business valuator (Buying Center) and division of roles (Account Team) serve to optimize negotiation planning.

Flexible KANBAN view with easy visualization and drag&drop

Pipeline visualization and management have never been easier. The flexible Kanban Boards provide instant insight into all open opportunities. Flexible filter criteria and lists allow users to create their own views. The easy drag & drop feature makes pipeline management fun and easy to use.

Flexible sales stages and guides with checks

Yes, we know that Sales is an Art and not a Science. But still, there are some best practices to follow and even the smartest Salesperson will appreciate a little bit of help to navigate the customer journey towards the closed deal. Use the options in SpiceCRM to facilitate a well-defined sales process describing the stages to help drive one face to the customer approach, even in large organizations.

The option to allow built-in checks will further help to ensure that all boxes are ticked as opportunities are moved in the pipeline.

Workflows for approval and further steps

The built-in Workflow Engine in SpiceCRM supports automated steps and parts of the process. Tasks like an automated offer or proposal release are supported in the same way as for example automated steps after closing an opportunity.

With the flexibility at hand and the full integration capability of the Workflow Engine all involved organizations and employees in your company stay in the loop. The automation also helps to reduce the workload on the sales teams as the system takes care of routine tasks. Freeing up more resources allows focusing on what matter most – your Customers!

Buying Center and Account Team

Complex opportunities require a detailed understanding of customer needs. Not only in terms of their pain points, their focuses and business needs that allows you to formulate a winning value proposition but also a detailed understanding of the buying centre. With SpiceCRM you can depict the buying centre – built up from employees in the organization but also externals who influence the buying decision. Make sure you got all roles covered and also check how the people see you in the sales cycle. Will this win you the business – no!. But if you know the setup, your chances to win will be significantly higher.

Do the same internally building your account and opportunity team that matches the customer and has also here all roles covered.

Track significant changes in the opportunity history

The only constant is change. That is fine and that is normal in sales. Opportunities move and shift around. In size, in focus in timeline. SpiceCRM is as flexible as your sales process. But it also supports you to get a clear track record and full visibility on what happened in your pipeline. Each significant change is fully tracked and SpiceCRM provides you with a detailed view of the opportunity stages from the first contact to the closed business.