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The Installation

If you decide to run SpiceCRM on your own servers and want to install it yourself there are several options. SpiceCRM runs on multiple Server Environments (Linux, Windows), on multiple web servers (apache, iis, nginx), supporting multiple databases (MySQL, MSSQL, ORACLE). To install the system ensure to prepare the system environment properly and have all credentials ready.

WEB Server

Install one of the following Webservers

  • apache 2.4 (preferred)
  • IIS
  • nginx (not officially supported)

on one of the following Operating Systems:

  • Linux (preferred)
  • Windows

Install PHP on the webserver with one of the following versions:

  • 8.0
  • 8.1
  • 8.2 (preferred)

With at least the following extensions: bcmath, mbstrings, zip, gd, curl, xml, mailparse


Prepare a Database Server with one of these Databases

  • MySQL 5.7
  • MySQL 8 (preferred)
    since 2023.01.001
  • MSSQL (current release)
  • ORACLE 12, 18 or 19 (only in the commercial more Edition)

SpiceCRM relies in several areas on elasticsearch:

  • minimum elasticsearch 7.6
  • elasticsearch 8.x supported since 2023.01.001

To install all files needed to run SpiceCRM on the web server choose on of the following two options:

All-in-One Download

This package provides all files in a single ZIP file. Download it and unpack it into a document root directory on your ready webserver. Navigate to the webserver and start the installation.

You can get the file here:

All-in-One Repository

Similar to the All-in-One Download this contains all files but you can clone the system from one of our public repos. Get the files from Github and load them into the document root directory on your webserver. Navigate to the server and start the installation process.

You can find the Github Repository here:

Installation Guide

You can find additional information in the files in the repositories. We have also compiled a more detailed Installation guide with helpful tips and hints that can be downloaded here (detailed SpiceCRM Installation Guide). For any kind of questions or support needed please use our community forums.