Market 2 Plan

SpiceCRM supports the marketing team in setting up a marketing calendar. In a clearly arranged form, all necessary information can be documented. Budget planning and costs are planned and time and frequency are set for each campaign. Furthermore, all activities to this campaign can be logged and planned directly in this view.

Campaigns may be split into manageable sections so that each step of the campaign is clearly defined.

Define campaigns and campaign steps

SpiceCRM supports marketers to follow up any marketing initiative by planning and managing marketing campaigns. Marketers can capture and collect all information about planned and completed events, meetings and other activities for the current campaigns. Everything is clearly laid out, so no activity or task can get lost.

Plan budget 

In SpiceCRM the budget can be easily defined and the expenses can be planned. The CRM allows the marketers also to set objectives by capturing expected revenues and actual costs.

Documented actions per campaign

One or several target lists can be compiled for each campaign step. The campaign log generated after mailing or by activating a campaign task like a telesales task reflects the action performed for each target selected for the task. Marketers have direct access to latest activity applied on a target within the campaign task.

GDPR conformity

The GDPR legislation is very important to everyone whose company has a presence (either physical or digital) in the European Union. Any personal data collected or controled must comply with GDPR. SpiceCRM will hold records about customers’ individual preferences and agreements regarding their data accumulation or approval of marketing release.