Target 2 Prospect

You can load and import data and define your target lists flexibly. They can be based on criteria like personal attributes, geocoding or other attributes. Use SpiceCRMs flexible reporting capability to define prospect lists on a large scale. Then target the audience and provoke the proper reaction driving them to your defined landing pages or capturing them from your website. A SpiceCRM page builder is a simple tool enabling you to design newsletters and mailings. Mailbox integration makes it possible to send mass e-mails directly from CRM.

Easy data import

If the personal data of several customers, contacts or partners have to be registered concurrently, the SpiceCRM allows you to import the complete lists in generic CSV format. The capturing of new personal data will take you only a few minutes no matter how comprehensive the lists are.

Manage target lists manually or by exporting reports

SpiceCRM allows the marketers to create various target lists, to contact selected customers, contacts or leads as well as to present the latest offers to a certain audience. The lists can be captured manually by inserting each single data record or even by exporting internal lists generated by reports. The newly created lists can be linked to any campaign task.

Page builder for customized mailings

SpiceCRM is delivered with a simple page builder making it possible to design corporate newsletters and any kind of mailing template. The drag&drop container interface is userfriendly and enables the creation of a template in a short time.

Landing page to CRM content

A landing page is a must-have in the world of digital marketing. No matter how targets are contacted they land to a page designed to catch commercial data. The content of the landing page such as a survey may be defined in SpiceCRM. All data entered by the customers on the landing page are directly transferred into SpiceCRM and can be further evaluated.