“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”

— John C. Maxwell

Cloud vs OnPremise – the Choice is yours

No matter where you look Cloud is the topic for most CRMs today. At SpiceCRM we believe that customers should have a choice. Thus we open you both options. Consume SpiceCRM as a cloud service (even in multiple flavors from public to the private cloud) or install it on your premises. There are no differences in functionality. There are no delays in releases, there are no differences in costs. Also, enjoy the freedom to move your system from cloud to premise or the other way round. It is simply up to you and your business needs.


Consume SpiceCRM as software as a service. Provisioned and operated by us. The complete hassle-free deployment at competitive costs. Hosted out of the EU or the US – the choice is yours. Completely GHDPR compliant. With high performance guaranteed and access from everywhere and anytime. Enjoy fully maintained systems that are kept on the latest releases and security standards. That is backed up and ensured to be available.

On Premise

There might be many reasons to choose an on-site implementation. It might be as simple as company rules but also be that you serve a really high number of users (thousands) or need deeply nested integration into backend systems. If you have the know-how and capability to manage a modern web application. SpiceCRM also is a great platform to enhance business processes and develop your own functions.

The Pros and the Cons

Supporting your decision there is a couple of factors that might help you in finding the best fit for you and your business needs. In general a cloud solution in most cases (looking with a real assessment at the fully-loaded costs) is the lower cost solution in today’s economy. The economy of scale of a partner-provided cloud will be more efficient to be managed and at a better service level than an own operated server. Also, the skills are a significant factor – running a cloud platform is a continuous process and the people doing that can do this for multiple customers in a more efficient way. On the other hand, a cloud service also has to have restrictions to keep the cloud offer stable and thus will offer reduced flexibility (private cloud or managed service excluded). Also, a cloud service will offer you less integration capability like no direct access to a systems database etc.


  • guaranteed bandwidth
  • No IT-Costs
  • CRM-as-a-service
  • scalable infrastructe
  • pay-per-use


  • Use your own capacities
  • Self-Hosted
  • deeply integrated in your environment

In any case, the choice you make is neer final. SpiceCRM offers you the full flexibility to install and run the exact same system on site. So at any time, you have the chance to move a system from the cloud to on-premise and also from an on-premise installation to the cloud.