SpiceCRM for


Keep the end customer in mind delivering communication, monitoring buying behavior and delivering great service.

  • Keep a full 360° view of your consumer
  • End-2-end service processes turning a complaint into a relationship
  • Manage customer loyalty programs and keep the visibility
  • Manage Prices and Categories as well as the Product Catalog
  • Inventory and forecast management of stock levels
  • Improved resource allocation

SpiceCRM for


Optimize Your Supply Chain and Unleash Market Potential: Seamlessly Integrate B2B and B2C Planning.

  • Manage market potentials in key segments and groups with open, competitive and untapped potentials
  • Links Sales with Product- and Category Management ensuring that the offer matches the markets needs
  • Integrated Business Planning: delivering forecasts financially and also logistically from sales top operations
  • Personalized offers and quotes

SpiceCRM for


Manage a true omnichannel buying experience making the CRM an essential engine driving commerce.

  • Manage Online Profiles across companies, brands, shops and microsites keeping all touchpoints integrated
  • Keep track on online sales and drive marketing automation driven engagements to bind a customer and use up and cross sell opportunities
  • Integrate the CRM service Desk into the online processes managing complaints, returns and any kind of feedback

“Customer satisfaction has always been a priority at Bricoman. Thanks to SpiceCRM, we respond even more efficiently to the needs of construction industry professionals with whom we cooperate.

We also save on time and costs of internal processes.I am also happy with the cooperation with the eVolpe team. They have proven that they know their stuff and, like us, they care about the quality of the materials used in their work”

Krystian Guzenda, Investment Sales Manager, Bricoman Poland 

The Customers Journey: Add a personal touch to every shopping experience with SpiceCRM !

A personal touch is worth a lot in the world of retail. Forty percent of consumers say they’ve spent more than planned because their customer experience was personalized. It’s also your trump card over eCommerce sites. You can deliver a warm and personalized greeting that customers won’t find behind a screen.
SpiceCRM in retail and wholesale lets you personalize every step of the buyer’s journey. Any details you glean from a customer can be put in the CRM system and shared across your marketing, sales, and service teams. Each staff member business is a personalized and meaningful interaction with the client using SpiceCRM for retailers.

In fact, SpiceCRM CRM can serve you best once you’ve acquired a customer and are ready to focus on cultivating loyalty. A CRM should be your go-to resource for understanding what sort of incentives and rewards your customers are most likely to respond to, and can help you keep track of what their response has been to your various offers and services. As you develop your retention strategy, you can count on SpiceCRM to actually segment your customers to determine who is eligible for your various perks, tiers, and prizes that makes up your loyalty program.


For the customer the SpiceCRM solution is very smooth. Through the integration of retail, wholesale, and all-in-one functionalities benefits customers by delivering a seamless experience, personalized interactions, convenience, and value-added services that enhance satisfaction and drive long-term loyalty.


SpiceCRM empowers retail stores to deliver exceptional customer experiences, optimize operations, and drive sustainable growth , automate and streamline the sales process, from lead generation to order fulfillment, enabling retail stores to track sales performance, identify trends, and forecast demand more accurately.


By consolidating various processes into a single platform, you eliminate the need for multiple systems and reducing complexity. This streamlines operations and makes it easier for teams to manage tasks .It enhances teamwork and coordination, leading to smoother business processes and reducing complexity making it easier for teams to manage tasks efficiently.

B2B vs B2C

The separation of B2B and B2C within the CRM allows organizations to:

  • – Tailor strategies & processes
  • – Create specific interactions to meet the unique needs of each segment 
  • – Streamline organizational processes 
  • Create Personalized Marketing Campaigns 
  • – Manage Loyalty Programs
  • Tailor Customer Service

Category and Product Management

By leveraging integrated product management, ERP integration, and realistic data utilization with category-based marketing and targeting:

  • Businesses can streamline operations
  • Improve decision-making
  • Deliver more personalized experiences to their customers.
  • Manage the product life cycle efficiently

E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services over the internet. It involves conducting commercial transactions electronically, typically through online platforms or websites.

  • Manage online Profiles, links to multiple e-commerce sites
  • Manage across multiple brands and legal entities with one customer representation
  • Have a true Omni Channel experience
  • Track purchases utilizing marketing automation
  • Automated follow ups, nurturing and cross selling.

Omni Channel

Integration of multiple communication channels and touchpoints into a single, unified platform for managing customer interactions.

  • Integration of Communication Channels
  • Unified Customer View
  • Seamless Cross-Channel Communication
  • Data Integration and Analysis
  • Enhance customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and drive growth in today’s digital age.

“We partnered with SpiceCRM because we believe in flexible systems. The range of features and customization options make SpiceCRM suitable for any industry, including Retail and Wholesale. We proved this when implementing the system for our client – Bricoman”

Marcin Różański, CEO at eVolpe Consulting Group 

CRM as flexible as your business needs

Being flexible and user-friendly is key to CRM adoption. Not only does SpiceCRM provide a unique user-interface but it also adapts to the use and the environment and provides a unique user-experience. Use it when and in what form you need it. It will adapt to your need and environment. Use it on the Desktop, on the tablet, as a mobile app on iOS or Android. Use it in Outlook or as part of GSuite and also use it with Lotus Notes. And if that is not enough the flexibility will allow you to further adapt it and match your business use cases.