“It takes months to find a customer, seconds to lose one.”

— Vince Lombardi

Service – from Request to Action

SpiceCRM is packed in supporting the service processes. Winning new customers is a long-lasting task. But way more important is to provide outstanding service and keep your customers. Starting from Service Calls and Call Center Support that captures customer events to the best in class Ticketing system and resolution process SpiceCRM offers the proper tools. Handle tickets in queues defining responsibilities in an organization and monitor the response and resolution using clear defined SLAs. Manage service calendars and shifts to balance the load on multiple service teams. If you have assets in the field structure, then using the built-in Service Locations and Equipment will allow you to have a full view of your installed base in the field. Manage warranty claims and if a repair is needed create Service Orders. Dispatch and manage your own or a subcontractor’s service team using the Service Planner. Capture the response and use resources as well as the customer signature for services rendered. And last but not least use the built-in Service Feedbacks to get feedback from your customers on how they see you from the outside in where the NPS is just one of the factors.


Capture action, allocate it to the proper teams, assign it to the installed base and support your sales team with knowledge articles in the built-in installed base. Communicate directly with your customers out of the systems on all channels.


CTI integration for comfortable phoning, automation for incoming email dispatch, ticket cockpit for detailed events history.


Create standard reports on queues, workload and customer satisfaction survey per SMS or email.

Several tools and features of SpiceCRM such as Service Calls, Call Center Integration or E-Mail-Integration offer different ways of receiving requests from the customers. All new support cases received in CRM as Queues can be assigned and forwarded to the accountable team in the form of CRM Tickets. Service Calls and Tickets in the system are classified by a standard three-level category tree. For a better overview and a qualified individual customer service, new support requests (complaint, issue or incident) are tracked in a customer, contact or account, so the Service Team can charge current and previous issues to the respective customer.

  • Receive emails, SMS and other channels

  • Easy way to capture incoming service calls

  • Categorize requests and gain visibility on service tasks

  • Capture know how in the built in knowledge base and drive best in class customer support

SpiceCRM is considered one of the best-in-class Ticketing systems and resolution processes. Tickets can be created manually or converted automatically from the incoming quotes. SpiceCRM allows forwarding tickets to the responsible company department to ensure timely processing of the customer requests. It is possible not only to track ticket handling but also to manage services to customers, contacts and accounts as defined in SLA Agreements.

  • Categorize requests and handle queues

  • Handle ticket as defined in SLA Agreements

  • Track progress

  • Fast response to a customer needs on all channels

  • Automate interactions with workflows

All products that have been sold to customers, have been installed on a customer site and have been put into use can be registered in SpiceCRM. The Service Manager has a complete overview of all product details of equipment installed at the customer’s site (date of manufacture, of purchase, of installation and end of a warranty), so he can easily track the equipment serial numbers. Integrated Google Search and Google Maps allow to capture and plan routes for the scheduled maintenance services. The scheduled appointments can be readily assigned to a technician, and then the scheduled date will appear in a technician’s calendar.

The service contracts required for the maintenance date can also be created in SpiceCRM.

  • Register equipment, manage warranty

  • Manage installed base locations (Service Locations – Maps Integration)

  • Track serial numbers

  • Create service contracts

  • Automate service maintenance tasks and routines

SpiceCRM allows to create service orders or convert already saved Sales Documents and Service Tickets into the Orders. The service order contains detailed information about the planned maintenance services, including a list of all required materials (spare parts) and efforts. When executing orders, the technician can capture actual efforts and materials used (Confirmation). All images taken in open order are automatically uploaded to CRM and added to the service order. As soon as the order has been completed, it can be digitally signed by the customer as well as converted to PDF and sent directly to the customer.

Service Planner as a special feature in Service Manager supports route planning for the technicians. It is possible to pick a date and set an estimated duration for each order. The estimated distance and travel time will be automatically determined based on the maintenance location as well as the technician’s base and also set to the order.

  • Create service orders

  • Schedule repairs on site, calculate best routes using googlemaps integration (Service Planner)

  • Capture actual efforts and materials used (Confirmation)

  • Let sign and print maintenance reports

Any business eager to improve service quality will appreciate the feedback survey feature. A whole survey process can be executed and tracked in SpiceCRM. The Service Team can not only create and collect any questionnaires but also determine the mode of dispatch (per Email or per SMS) and send surveys from SpiceCRM. All customer feedbacks are automatically collected into SpiceCRM and can be evaluated.

  • Create a survey

  • Send a satifaction survey per email or per SMS

  • Collect answers & analyze

  • Calculate NPS (Net promoter Score)