Orchestrate the Patient Journey with a CRM System that integrates into your landscape. 100% integrated.

  • Optimize Scheduling and Data collection
  • Open data from your EMR Systems to the outside world
  • Get instant Patient Feedback with omnichannel Surveys
  • manage Patient communication and follow through

SpiceCRM for

National Insurances

Communicate Offerings for Transparency of Services and manage Patient Communication.

  • Manage Service Offerings and allow flexible Search
  • collect feedback data from Patient Surveys
  • Manage Patient Communication ensuring follow up and proper care
  • Complaint Management and Workflows

SpiceCRM for

Medical Practices

Manage the Patient Journey and stay in touch with continuous communication.

  • Manage the Patient Journey and organizational communication history
  • collect Patient Feedback and Communications
  • stay in touch with a state of the art communication strategy

“Healthcare is changing. And it has to Change. As new Technologies and ideas emerge it is just the right time to adopt these trends also in Healthcare. All to the benefit of the Patient and also to the personnel which is the key resource in our Sector.”


The Patient Journey – the centerpiece of the CRM Strategy in Healthcare – driving the Patient Relationship

Key of the CRM approach in Healthcare is the patient journey that focuses on an outside in view. It describes how the patient experiences his interactions with the Healthcare Provider.

Patients today inform themselves in a first step. They understand the offerings and their options and make informed decisions. They plan their interactions finding proper timeslots and locations and then prepare their visit with a healthcare providers facility. They expect state of the art technology to support these processes. Once they arrive they are admitted whereas it is expected that the internal system provides consolidated and up to date information to make these processes efficient and effective. They are treated and then released. After their visit, they are requested to provide feedback to help the provider to get better and understand areas for improvement. While a patient fully recovers the healthcare provider stays in touch and ensures that also after leaving the site they keep the patient informed as the journey does not end once the patient walks out of the door. Last but not least communication is king to prevent and keep the patient healthy.


Focus on Patients Satisfaction. With instant feedback and online surveys, the response is captured. This not only leads to happier Patients but will also support employee satisfaction with positive feedback gathered. Reward your team and show them appreciation. Identify where change is needed and react proactively.


Optimize the use of the most scarce – the human – resource. With proper scheduling and an optimized onboarding process. This not only leads to a better throughput but will also ensure higher patient and employee satisfaction. A key factor to patient retention.


Following what is standard in other sectors for quite some time – including the customer, the patient in the processes. State of the Art technologies allow crossing the boundaries and linking patient, practitioners and administration in seamless process flows. Adopt an Omni-Channel strategy and also minimize potential sources for failure while optimizing efficiency.

Focus on the processes that matter most

Manage Offerings and Practitioners

Finding the proper Practitioner or service offered in your healthcare system should be as easy as online shopping. Empower the patient to use new technologies like document storage and others.



Help Patients find the proper offer. Linking your Website (CMS) with the proper content from the CRM providing in the next steps also options to arrange appointments and more. Create listings of Doctors and Practitioners in your sector and make it easy for the patients to find help.
  • Create Listings of Network Practitioners
  • Categorize Services allow easy search and match
  • create an approved Feedback and Rating system

Manage Appointments

Allow Patients to book Appointments online. Provide Free Slots from your HIS System and publish those online. Give Patients an option to manage the schedule and find a proper timeslot to fit their needs.



Manage approval of Requests with internal Workflows and state of the art communication via channels like Email, SMS or WhatsApp back to the patient.
  • Manage available Timeslots and allow online request for appointments
  • Define internal workflows to approve requests made online
  • send reminders and notifications via various channels matching the patients preference
  • Optimize utilization and make operations better planned and reliable

Self Service und Personal Data

Before the client/patient has even entered the location you can work with the obtained data and can be sure that they are at the last stand. The client/patient has the advantage of preferred check-in.
  • Early transmission of correct patient data
  • Timely information about the insurance status
  • Preferred check-in – self service

360° View

With only one click you are able to see the complete information about the client/patient stored in different systems as HIS, LIS, PACS/RIS or SAP. So you get the 360 ° view and you can personalize his way through the process.
  • Merging all data
  • Get familiar with the needs of the patient
  • Personalize the diagnostic and therapy


The in-time feedback of clients/patients helps you to change procedures that are not fitting and gives you the opportunity to discourage the dissatisfied clients/patients to spread their impression unfiltered to the public.

  • Recognize timely the complaints
  • Prevent public shit storm
  • identify optimization potential and process gaps
  • provide and share feedback with your staff

Claim/Complaint management

Once you detected a complaint you can immediately react and connect the client/patient with the right person to calm the situation and change the trouble to satisfaction. Implement proper workflows to handle complaints and also link this to the internal quality management to ensure process improvements.

  • In time detection of issues and proper follow up
  • increased response time and handling
  • issue management and process improvements

Sustainable Communication

The in-time feedback of clients/patients helps you to change procedures that are not fitting and gives you the opportunity to discourage the dissatisfied clients/patients to spread their impression unfiltered to the public.

  • Direct communication with the client/patient
  • Monitor rehabilitation activities
  • Inform about preventive tools
  • Hold the client/patient close to the institution
  • Close the loop to offering & search

Reporting and Analytics

Get Real-time reports and analytical data on your patient-facing processes. Complete the existing analytics that most likely is inward-focused with fresh data from a Patents view on your organization.

  • Structured data available in Real Time
  • increased visibility form a Patients point of View
  • Support better business decisions based on qualified reports

“Over the last years there has been tremendous improvements in the internal IT systems for healthcare providers.

Changing now the customer experience is the logical next step. SpiceCRM is a perfect addition to our product portfolio closing the loop and orchestrating the patient journey.”

CRM as flexible as your business needs

Being flexible and user-friendly is key to CRM adoption. Not only does SpiceCRM provide a unique user interface but it also adapts the use and the environment and provides a unique user experience. Use it when and in what form you need it. It will adapt to your need and environment. Use it on the Desktop, on the tablet, as a mobile app on iOS or Android. Use it in Outlook or as part of GSuite. Use it with Lotus Notes. And if that is not enough the flexibility will allow you to further adapt it and match your business use cases.