Reaction 2 Action

Any business eager to improve service quality will appreciate the feedback survey feature. A whole survey process can be executed and tracked in SpiceCRM. The Service Team can not only create and collect any questionnaires but also determine the mode of dispatch (per Email or per SMS) and send surveys from SpiceCRM. All customer feedbacks are automatically entered into SpiceCRM and can be following evaluated using other features of the CRM Reporter.

Create a survey

The SpiceCRM Questionnaire Editor allows you to easily define questionnaires that can be used to gather customer feedback. The questionnaires support various types of questions ranging from single to multiple responses from ratings to NPS to free text.

Use the toolset to define different questionnaires that are sent to customers based on the services the customer received.

Send a satifaction survey per email or per SMS

The Service Feedback Requests in SpiceCRM are automatically created based on statistical rules (e.g. send requests to 10% of all customers) as well as personal preferences (opt-out or other communication stops). The request for feedback is sent using the customers’ preferred channel (via email or SMS).

In case the feedback is captured directly your personnel or the customer can also enter feedback directly into the system.

Collect answers & analyze

As part of CRM, satisfaction evaluation serves to maintain a long-term relationship with your customer by offering your company a better understanding of customer needs. All submitted feedbacks go directly into CRM and run through a pre-analysis. The report output provides an overview of initial results from the customer surveys.

Calculate NPS (Net promoter Score)

In addition to measuring overall customer satisfaction with your products or services, feedbacks provide another extremely valuable information that CRM uses to calculate and determine your Net Promoter Score. NPS is a metric that measures customer loyalty to your company and also allows you to monitor improvements and innovations in your products, services or business organization.