Source 2 Record

SpiceCRM using integrated tools serves to capture, manage and collect company business data. Several customized configurations make SpiceCRM useful for both B2B and B2C. Some practical features (Account Hierarchy & Relationships) allow the Sales Team to visualize almost any company structure.

The real-time Duplicate Check helps the Sales Team to identify and prevent leads, customers, contacts and accounts duplicates, collecting only relevant data. Integrated Google Search and Google Maps allows saving all actual and valid data.

Integrated Google Search and Google Maps

Use the power of the Internet at your fingertips right in CRM. We integrate the well-known google tools right in CRM. Whenever you create a new account or lead get the support of Google Places. Type some word of the company you search and SpiceCRM will propose some matches based on the Google Search. If you found the match the data is completed with address data, website, phone number and the proper name. Creating quality data has never been more fun and easier. The same is true for addresses. And of course, Goolge Maps is fully integrated into SpiceCRM making finding the way to your customers or other customers in the vicinity a piece of cake.

Real time online duplicate check

Duplicates – sounds like a known problem to you? SpiceCRM serves to the rescue. With the power of the embedded elastic search, SpiceCRM performs a real-time duplicate check while you create records. The duplicate check is fully configurable and also allows fuzzy search ensuring that typos are also detected and the data quality is as good as it gets. The duplicate check also runs any time you open a record. And if you ever created a duplicate you have the option to merge records, cleaning up the mess properly.

B2B vs B2C

SpiceCRM offers the option to differentiate between B2B and B2C businesses and also allows matching and mixing them. B2B offers the flexibility of accounts and contacts with relations all ways (companies to companies, contacts to one or multiple contact or contacts to contacts). Besides B2C allows capturing end consumers with fewer data (like no position in the company, no assistant phone number and more). This also ensures that if you have separate organizations taking care of these segments to have proper split data pools.

Account Hierarchy & Relationships

You connect what belongs together. SpiceCRM allows you to model flexible customer hierarchies and to classify groups of companies in a non-limited depth of a structure. The same holds true for people where you can easily manage business relationships and reporting lines of your contacts at a customer.