“A goal without a plan is just a wish.

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What we aim for

The Goal with SpiceCRM is to have quarterly releases that deliver additional features. While we of course try to stay linked to our roadmap the development is driven by the partners collaborating and the customers we work with. The roadmap is supposed to be a guide for future planning. This roadmap does not represent a commitment to the functionality but acts as a guiding principle.

Release 2021.01.001


Target Release Date: – 31st March 2021

  • Further Cleanup of Backend and removal of remaining MVC components from SugarCE Backend
  • Complete namespacing of the backend
  • Upgrade to Support PHP8
  • Upgrade of Slim Framework and redesign of REST Endpoints. Preparation for API Manager
  • Upgrade Email Inbox Manager on the Frontend
  • Redesign of Questionnaire Manager to allow the free definition of Questionnaires without being bound to Question sets
  • New Enhancements for the Projectmanagement adding types and better planning support
  • API Manager to grant better visibility for REST API endpoints
  • Restructuring of authorization management

Release 2021.02.001


Target Release Date: – 31st June 2021

  • Cleanup REST Endpoints and full documentation as well as restructuring of API Endpoints including full validation of Requests
  • Centralize services for NodeJS and SpiceCRM Realtime
  • Add “all-in-one” Installation package and admin welcome wizard
  • 2FA support with various methods
  • Notification and Alerts as well as refactoring assistant on the home screen
  • Phase I port of Deployment Tools to SpiceCRM
  • Completion of multi-tenancy support
  • Upgrade Reporting PDF export to SpiceCRM Output Template structure
  • Distribution Lists to be used in outbound emails and reports scheduler
  • Enhancements for Sales Documents Flows
  • GANTT Chart for Project Management
  • Activity-Based Invoicing for Projects

Release 2021.03.001 & 2021.04.001


Target Release Date: – 30th Sept. & 31. Dec. 2021

  • Recurring Revenues Support
  • Support Portal (JIRA replacements)
  • Developer Design Mode and workbench drag & drop WYSIWYG tools
  • Graphical Workflow editor
  • KReporter enhancements (drill-down, clickable charts)
  • Project Management: Travel Expense Management
  • New WYSIWYG Text Editor for Knowledge Base