“A goal without a plan is just a wish.

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What we aim for

The Goal with SpiceCRM is to have quarterly releases that deliver additional features. While we of course try to stay linked to our roadmap the development is driven by the partners collaborating and the customers we work with. The roadmap is supposed to be a guide for future planning. This roadmap does not represent a commitment to the functionality but acts as a guiding principle.


Target Release Date: – 30th Sept. & 31. Dec. 2023

Ease integrators’ job
Deployment Manager as tool for Upgrades and deployments
Welcome wizard: Step-by-step guidance to make the system ready to use
Make KanBan Views customizable using workbench
Administrate hooks using an interface

Redesign workbench
Design Mode to customize layouts including preview
ACL permissions applicable in the workbench

SpiceCRM Documentation initiative
What, why and how: all about SpiceCRM

Artificial Intelligence with SpiceCRM
First steps for a concept leading to predictive lead scoring

Dictionary Manager Phase 3
Full migration of variable definitions to database


Release 2023.02.001


Target Release Date: – 30st June 2023

Dictionary Manager Phase 2
Full relationship support, migration of core module variable definitions to database, data consistency check to prevent save of bad data  

Deployment Manager Phase 2
Testing phase with environments & deployment for config packages

SpiceCRM Bootcamp 2023 in Vienna
Gather partners and exchange experience on sales, dev and consulting levels

Administrate orders to vendors, their quotes and invoices

Campaign planning with target list manager
See & search for proper targets within existing target lists allocated to a campaign task. This will ease the managing of the targets when planning a campaign.

Release 2023.01.001


Target Release Date: – 31st March 2023

Core Human Resource Management
Store and administrate employee qualifications, personnel measures, training management and documentation

Extended Document Management
Support ISO 9001, 27000 document flow and authorization

Dictionary Manager Phase 2
Improvements user interface & start migrating variables definitions in file to database

Caching and performance
Server based cache & administration tool in workbench


Target Release Date: – 30th Sept. & 31. Dec. 2022

  • Welcome Wizard after installation: guidance to make the system ready to use
  • Concept for Support Portal
  • Project Management Visualizations (gantt chart)
  • Redesign workbench: preview to see configuration changes, ACL permissions applicable in the workbench, help icons to guide users
  • Dictionary Manager as leading source: remove all php files containing variable definitions
  • Travel Expense Management: prepare travels, gather expenses and invoice them
  • Deployment Tool
  • Developer Bootcamp 2022

Release 2022.02.001


Target Release Date: – 30st June 2022

  • Modernize Rich Text Editor
  • Dictionary Manager: define option values for drop down fields, define custom fields, get rid off the cache folder
  • Marketing automation step 2: double opt in and campaign integration
  • Applicant management: manage job offers, applications, applicants, required skills
  • KReporter Refactoring

Release 2022.01.001


Target Release Date: – 31st March 2022

  • Multi Tenancy finalization: setup a multi tenant platform for SpiceCRM instances
  • Graphical Workflow editor: design & visualize workflows using the drag&drop editor
  • Marketing automation step 1: insert tracking pixel in email templates and track emails
  • Webpack: Introduce Angular Webpack standard to compile SpiceCRM application
  • Launch SpiceCRM Academy: video tutorial series & documentation on SpiceCRM

Release 2021.03.001


Target Release Date: – 30th Sept. & 31. Dec. 2021

  • Workflow re-engineering
  • Proof of concept to introduce webpack module federation
  • Landing page framework
  • Security settings improvements
  • Schedulers refactoring & improvements
  • Telephony improvements for user experience
  • Mail merge campaigns feature
  • Log consolidation
  • 1st SpiceCRM developer bootcamp

Release 2021.02.001


Target Release Date: – 30st June 2021

  • Upgrade Email Inbox Manager on the Frontend
  • Redesign of Questionnaire Manager to allow the free definition of Questionnaires without being bound to Question sets
  • Add “all-in-one” Installation package and admin welcome wizard
  • 2FA support with various methods
  • Enhancements for Sales Documents Flows
  • Notification and Alerts as well as refactoring assistant on the home screen
  • Phase 1 of distribution lists implementation: module structure
  • Multi-tenancy support

Release 2021.01.001


Target Release Date: – 31st March 2021

  • Further Cleanup of Backend and removal of remaining MVC components from SugarCE Backend
  • Complete namespacing of the backend
  • Upgrade to Support PHP8
  • Upgrade of Slim Framework and redesign of REST Endpoints. Preparation for API Manager
  • New Enhancements for the Projectmanagement adding types and better planning support
  • API Manager to grant better visibility for REST API endpoints
  • Restructuring of authorization management