SpiceCRM for

Travel Agencies

Orchestrate the Customer Journey from Dream to Booking to Trip

  • Engage on all Channels integrated to CRM
  • Handle inquires, collateral requests and more
  • Integrate with various booking tools and platforms
  • Consolidate one customer master record with clear profile information
  • Manage customer information with targeted communications

SpiceCRM for

Tour Operators

Manage full Utilization with targeted Campaigns optimizing your Revenues

  • Define products and classify and categorize them
  • Manage tour utilization and gain detailed insights
  • Target clear segmented customers for open seats driving booking rates and utilization
  • Market Offers and Destinations to partners and customers

SpiceCRM for

Tourist Associations

Manage your Region with all Offers, Guest Communications and local Events

  • Manage all Locations, POI, etc. in your region
  • Handle inquiries and outgoing communication on all channels (Mail, eMail, SMS)
  • Market Events in your SpiceCRM are supporting your local partners and providers
  • Manage local events with invitations, participation and settlement

“SpiceCRM offers us the flexibility to get a true 360 degree view on the customer. It is easy to use and integrates well into our other systems. The usability and processes covered, convinced us to use SpiceCRM and drive towards our vision of a best in class Customer Journey.”


The Customer Journey – focus on what matters – the Guest!

Omni Channel is there. Guest today inform themselves well in advance before they plan their trips and vacations. The customer experience is what matters and makes the difference. In a highly competitive market where quantity faces quality – winning and keeping customers means understanding customers’ needs and providing outstanding service to the customer.

This starts with the information, goes through the process of informing and supporting the customer throughout their decision process. The quality of the product needs to stand by itself. And of course, it also means follow up and follow through. All in a world that caters to groups of all ages and digital fluency.

SpiceCRM as best in class CRM Solution offers the proper toolsets and insights to not only help you better understand the customer needs but also support the streamlining of the internal processes. This guarantees a seamless customer experience but also full efficiency and the ability to offer best-in-class services at competitive prices.


Focus on Guest Satisfaction. Match their information need in the customer journey. Offer outstanding online services and rapid response. Stay in touch and be able to communicate the proper content at the right time. SpiceCRM enables you to operate fast and efficiently but to never lose the personal touch customers demand and appreciate.


Tourism is a highly connected industry. No company can offer services on their own but operates in a connected world, combining various offers with their own services to form a product offer that is outstanding and meets the local market requirements. SpiceCRM not only supports the interaction with customers but also with partners.


The tourism industry in the meantime is also technologically advanced. Integration to booking systems, web pages and other tools is a state-of-the-art requirement. So is the optimization of internal processes, streamlining operations and ensuring the utmost level of automation with the required personalization.

Focus on the processes that matter most

B2B vs B2C – manage all Datasets in one System

SpiceCRM supports differentiation between B2B and B2C Customer data. Manage the data for your guests as well as for your commercial partners in one System. Leverage an automated integration with Google Maps and Google Places to get proper data and geocoded information.

  • Manage Data and Contact History for all your Business Partners
  • Manage Customer Data separately
  • Online Duplicate check to reduce redundant data
  • Customer segmentation based on activity and bookings

Targeting and Integrated Campaign Management

SpiceCRM supports flexible audience management to target specific topics and content. Enable your team to flexibly manage customers’ interests and even enrich them automatically based on customer interactions (like booking, requests or clicks). With the integrated Email Composer, it is easy with a drag and drop interface to define personalized content and send it out via Email, SMS or Print.

  • Management of customer interests and segmentation parameters
  • Integrated Campaign Designer to build Email, SMS and Print Templates
  • Execute Campaigns via all channels including Tele-Campaigns
  • Capture response and automate follow-ups

Integrate to CMS/Websites/Online Shops

Integrate SpiceCRM using open Interfaces to your CMS. Drive content and get forms submitted directly into CRM. Driving automated processes and workflows.

  • Integrated Inquiry Forms, Feedback and Online Booking Requests
  • Voucher Sales Processes
  • Online Profiles to combine one person with different online Representations
  • Product Management in CRM with Integration to the CMS

Inquiry and Collateral Management – Omnichannel

Customers inquire via many channels. SpiceCRM allows you to connect all these channels, bring inquiries into one single queue and potentially even derived an automated response. Also, today information that is delivered in various forms (including print and online ) can be managed by SpiceCRM.

  • Omnichannel Inquiry Management (Phone, email, web)
  • Automated omnichannel response
  • Integrated template engine
  • Integrated management of collateral and postal delivery

Quoting and Integration to Booking Systems

The Key is to host people and manage bookings. SpiceCRM integrates to several booking systems by default but can also be added to integrate to further systems via open APIs. Quoting as a first step can also be managed directly in CRM. The integration also allows triggering further automated workflows to the customer from the welcome email to the customer survey after departure.

  • Create quotes in CRM
  • Integrate with state of the art booking systems
  • Create workflows for automated timed interactions on bookings like reminder, welcome and follow up emails

Real Time Customer Survey and NPS

SpiceCRM allows you to gather Customers in real-time. Customer feedback allows your customers to provide your valuable information. Customer feedback that allows your employees and partner to gain motivation and improve. Customer feedback allows you to fine-tune your offers and matches your customers’ requirements.

  • Integrated survey designer
  • Automated personalized request for feedback online and in real-time
  • Integrated landing page or embedded in your CMS
  • Online Analysis or gathered feedback
  • Optional sentiment analysis of free text comments

Reporting and Analytics

Based on all interactions you collect significant amounts of data. Unleash the potential in the data collected using the integrated reporting tools in SpiceCRM to get deeper insights into your business. This enables you to derive better operational decision like targeting the right customers. But also will support you with strategic decisions understanding better what your customers demand along the complete customer journey.

  • Integrated reporting tools
  • Build flexible target groups
  • Ad hoc reports and dashboards with real time insights
  • Strategic decision support using ad hoc report

“Understanding your customer, being your guest or your business partner is key to success. It takes outstanding service to be an outstanding host in today’s demanding world. And it takes a flexible solution like SpiceCRM to be able to adopt fast to moving trends. A concept that convinced us immediately to start a strategic partnership.”


CRM as flexible as your business needs

Being flexible and user-friendly is key to CRM adoption. Not only does SpiceCRM provide a unique user interface, but it also adapts the use and the environment and provides a unique user experience. Use it when and in what form you need it. It will adapt to your need and environment. Use it on the Desktop, on the tablet, as a mobile app on iOS or Android. Use it in Outlook or as part of G-Suite. Use it with Lotus Notes. And if that is not enough the flexibility will allow you to further adapt it and match your business use cases.