Prospect 2 Opportunity

To run the campaign SpiceCRM offers a wide range of possibilities. You can either use the SpiceCRM email-templates or your e-marketing tool. For larger businesses mailing tool, integration is delivered out of the box for Evalanche, MailChimp, CleverReach, Emarsys and DialogMail. The architecture is scalable to any additional external tool. Telemarketing campaigns can be handled via the Telesales Cockpit. Load the target list, make the phone calls and protocol the results. Create contact data and opportunities on the fly, schedule follow-up calls.

Use your favorite e-marketing tool to reach targets

Launch your mailing campaigns with your favorite marketing tool! SpiceCRM is delivered with a synchronization API for proven tools like MailChimp, Evalanche, CleverReach, Emarsys and DialogMail. Plan the campaign in SpiceCRM, run it with your e-marketing tool and collect the response directly into the CRM.

Manager e-campaigns with telecockpit 

SpiceCRM telecockpit is designed for telemarketers. Select the campaign to run and list all the persons / companies to contact. Each time a person is phoned the telemarketer will log a call and/or create a follow-up call. First priority will be to get best data records possible. Telecockpit display is designed to confortably enrich contact data, fill in questionnaires and even create leads.

Create leads and follow up status

As a result of a successfully carried out campaign leads represent high quality data sales persons will start to work on. Leads may be classified, sales persons may add activities during acquisition process and move their status til a lead can be converted to revenue oriented information as in account, contact and opportunity.