Just around Easter we did release the 2022.01.001 Spring Release of SpiceCRM. From the functional side of course there are enhancements like an enhanced reminder management. Or the first enhancements towards a significantly enhanced marketing automation engine and others. But most notably it is a technology focused release this time. Why this matters – because usability, response times and speed of a CRM System are also driven by technology.

Technology Matters

We started in the very early days of Angular and thus still had been using systemjs as a loader for the application. With the spring release we also updated again to the latest Angular release and also switched to Webpack. As the latest release with the modul federation also supports now the dynamic loading this allowed us to make the switch. As a developer you should care as this changes workflows. But also as a user you should care as this increases the loadtimes significantly. It allows  us to use all the nice features that the Angular team at Google built over the years.

Furthermore from a technological perspective we are after all the years saying goodbye to cookies moving internal stored data to the indexed DB that modern browsers support. Also here this is key in the terms of speed and usability and not only increases security but also again further improves the speed and loadtime of the system.

So does Functionality

And of course there are also functional enhancements. We did strengthen the features for reminders and also for the notification subscriptions on CRM records. We added some new shortcuts to make the use of the system easier. And we are introducing the first bigger enhancements for the upcoming focus topic for enhanced marketing automation directly in SpiceCRM.

You can find the full releasenotes here and of course get SpiceCRM from GitHUB or from any of our Partners