Q&A with Michael Filler (Michael Filler, Director Air & Sea at Ontime Logistics GmbH)

1) What was the main challenge that brought you to acquire SpiceCRM?

Since Ontime grew over the past years, we soon met the limits of our previous CRM system in terms of capacity. SpiceCRM, with its Cloud Service Solution, was, for us, the best choice.

It is the perfect tool for our teams since it is very user-friendly and intuitive, and that is the reason why our employees use it on a daily basis to develop old and new customer relationships.

Furthermore, from a management perspective, SpiceCRM provides us with transparent data & is essential for our reporting.

2) What do you use SpiceCRM for?

Reporting of calls & visits. For bigger clients we also use SpiceCRM for opportunities.

3) What is your overall company strategy?

Ontime is a freight forwarding company that specializes in the premium and niche segments. Our focus remains on time-critical shipments, emergency logistics, and shipments with demanding/challenging requirements. Therefore, the relationship with our clients is crucial.

4) What were the results achieved with SpiceCRM?

Better and Clearer visibility of the overall sales / business development activities of all our branches.

5) Were/Are there any drawbacks when using SpiceCRM?

In general, we are very satisfied with SpiceCRM. However, it would be beneficial for us to have a direct API connection with our TMS system. This connection would enable us to also consider the financial aspects in our reports.

6) Any further plans for expanding the use of SpiceCRM?

Not yet – maybe APIs with our TMS as well as QlikView in the future!

7) How would you describe your overall experience with SpiceCRM & twentyreasons?

Very modern, pro-active, solution-driven program / company.

“At Ontime Logistics, around 50 employees in sales and operations work very successfully with SpiceCRM. It is used to manage customer communications and data and provides company-wide visibility into all activities and current opportunities at a national and international level. A plus is that all customer data and reports are available to our employees online at any time in the office and on their mobile devices. The uncomplicated and good collaboration with Dr. Knoll and his team worked flawlessly from planning to implementation within a very short time.Ultimately, this step helped us to significantly optimize the transparency and efficiency in our sales processes.”






Michael Filler, Director Air & Sea at Ontime Logistics GmbH