The addition of this new helpful Context Menu for SpiceCRM means that users can efficiently manage their tabs with various options such as:

  • Clone Tab: Cloning tabs for quick duplication. This can only be done on main tabs.
  • Close Tab: Close individual tabs.
  • Close Other Tabs: Lets you close all other tabs except the chosen one.
  • Close Tabs to the Left/ Right: Lets you close tabs to the left/ right of the chosen tab, if existing.
  • Move to Main-Tabs: Move a sub tab to the main tabs. This can only be done on sub tabs.
  • Unsaved Tab Indicator: Displays a star-indicator next to your tab containing unsaved changes. If you were to close the tab without saving it a warning would appear.
  • Pinned Tabs: Not affected by “Close Other Tabs” or “Close Tabs to the Left/ Right”.

This comprehensive set of tab management features gives users the power to navigate and organize their workspace effortlessly within SpiceCRM.

Looking at the video below we demonstrate the different Context Menu Options.

Watch the Video:

  • Different Records, Different Tabs: Keep your workflow organized with different records neatly organized in separate tabs. No more losing sight of your list!
  • Parallel Record Handling: View, edit, and create different records simultaneously in separate tabs. Seamless multitasking at your fingertips!
  • Attachments in Tabs: Dive into the details effortlessly. Access attachment views in dedicated tabs for a comprehensive and streamlined experience.

🚀 Why It Matters:

  • Efficiency: No more restarting tasks from scratch.
  • Productivity: Handle multiple records in parallel.
  • Organization: Tabs and subtabs keep information at your fingertip