In SpiceCRM it’s easy to set up a new dashboard according to your own preferences. Dashboards give you a good overview on what is currently going on in your sales pipeline as well as on your personal schedule, calls, meetings, etc. Your personalized dashboard gives you the opportunity to have the most important information on your home screen right away. They simply are an invaluable organizational tool. To start creating a home screen suiting your preferences you first have to give it a name and save it. After that you can start choosing the dashlets (blocks of information).

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This is the editing mode. The grid basically represents your home screen. For choosing the things you want to see you simply click on one of the tiles with a + in it. No worries, if you choose the wrong tile you can always alter size and place of the single dashlets by dragging and dropping.

Here you can select the dashlets, which are blocks of information, from the weather forecast, over your personal schedule, all the way to report charts and lists regarding your sales pipeline.

Once you selected your dashlet you can adjust size and place to your liking. Drag the entire dashlet to another position or alter the size by dragging the outer lines.

If you want to insert a chart simply switch the type from dashlet to report charts and select from there.

Once you are done with the set up, selecting and adjusting the home screens information according to your wishes and needs, save the data and don’t forget to select ‘As Home Dashboard’.

Navigating back to your home screen, you can view your new creation immediately and of course you can always go back later and alter things if not needed anymore.