In SpiceCRM you have the brilliant opportunity of synchronizing your spicy calendar with Google’s very own 🙂 Activities created in SpiceCRM can be viewed in Google Calendar as well as Google Calendar entries will be visible in SpiceCRM. All you need is a valid GMail address linked to your user. This function comes in very handy to keep track of your appointments and activities. It’s a wonderful and easy to use tool, once again saving you a lot of time and effort.
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GSuit Calendar integration

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Simply create an activity in SpiceCRM’s calendar and it will appear in your Google Calendar in real time. Including all the information.

Move the activity to another time or date and the changes will be applied to SpiceCRM as well.

As you can see the changes are visible in both calendars. You can also extend the time in Google and the changes will be applied to both calendars in real time.

So as I said, When creating an appointment in Google Calendar, it will immediately be visible in SpiceCRM too once you hit ‘Save’..

And once again, if you move the appointment in Google to another time or date, changes will apply immediately in SpiceCRM.