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1. Flexibly functional

For software users, nothing shouts simplicity and flexibility more than these two phrases: no-code and open-source. When you combine the powers of Glances and SpiceCRM, that’s what you get (and it makes your work life easier).

Glances was built as a no-code integration platform that securely connects all of your apps and provides a single view of your data in real time. To break it down, no code means you do not need any technical or development experience to customize Glances to your exact needs. Similar to drag and drop functionality, you can easily connect your favorite business apps like SpiceCRM, Mailchimp, Stripe,, and more with simple information, such as your login credentials or an API key. The hard work has already been done on the back-end by our team so you don’t have to.

SpiceCRM is open-source software built with flexible, scalable, and proven technology. This means the CRM can grow with your business, whether you are a one-person operation or part of a huge corporation. Highly adaptable, SpiceCRM enables your business to manage all aspects of the platform: from screen designs, to additional fields, to workflows, to custom objects and colors. Its open APIs also help you integrate other systems important to your business. Bottom line: you can really make it your own.

Person talking about main values of SpiceCRM and Glances

2. Powerful search features

Both Glances and SpiceCRM have a knack for advanced searches that deliver immediate results.

Working within any app or webpage, Glances offers 3 simple ways to quickly find customers, cloud-based documents, calendar activities, and more data across your apps. Choose the method that’s best for you:

  • ✔️ Try Glances Highlight and Search to auto-search by name, email, order numbers, and more criteria
  • ✔️ Click on any Glancey-stamped email address on any webpage you are viewing to see related data
  • ✔️ Click the Glances widget in the corner of the page to begin a search or view your upcoming tasks

Similar to searching Google for content, you can find SpiceCRM records just by typing in a few characters in the search field to obtain contact names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, record duplicates, calendar entries, and more. This efficient way of searching can be conducted across the whole CRM and delivers results immediately. See how it works in the animation below.

Screenshot of SpiceCRM displaying search results

3. Full visibility of the data you need

Your workday has enough distractions, so software that delivers instant access to your big-picture information helps save time and keep frustration at a minimum.

With SpiceCRM’s Activity Stream, you can quickly add calls, meetings, tasks, or simple notes to any record. This helps you save time with all relevant information linked and activities displayed front-and-center in the CRM’s built-in flow. It also enables you to keep track of any recent interactions with your customers. See how it works in the animation below.

Animation of how tracking customer activities works in SpiceCRM

Working with SpiceCRM and all your favorite business apps, Glances shows each customer’s relevant data across your entire span of connected apps and platforms in one convenient place. This 360-degree view empowers you to see data details at a glance, or click to drill down to the nitty-gritty information. Using Glances Actions, you can even perform tasks related to other apps – like creating QuickBooks invoices – directly from the Glances widget.

Screenshot of a customer search in Glances

4. Cost-effective by design

Since it has an open-source license as the base, SpiceCRM is affordable with no user limits, no hidden costs, and no lock in. You can use your business spend to make it as simple or complex as your team requires. Request a demo of SpiceCRM to learn about highlights, pricing, and more.

Overall, maintaining a tech stack of quality apps and platforms is one of the costliest expenses, but Glances helps you get maximum value out of your business apps. Because Glances requires just one admin connection for all Glances team members to view data, you can reduce unnecessary license costs when your team needs simple visibility into customer data from your workplace apps. See which Glances pricing plan works best for you, or choose to get started right away with a free trial (then pick your plan later).

Video: How Glances and SpiceCRM work together for you

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