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The Summer release

We present SpiceCRM 2022.02.001 with its new logo and some great powerful features. The 2 highlights in this release:

Workflow Designer

SpiceCRM is now equipped with a graphical interface to design workflows after proper Business Process Model and Notation. Define actions and tasks per mouse click, drag and drop the steps of the workflow and build your workflow as if you had a pen and a piece of paper. In the end the workflow configuration is comprehensible by anyone and can be used as a documentation of internal processes. Marketing experts will love this tool originated to lead […]

4 Ways to Simplify Data Management Using Glances and SpiceCRM

Jessica Biondo /  (Productivity Tips)

SpiceCRM partner with Witty Technical Solutions

WTS is a technology company based in India & serving customers in India, United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States. They are a team of developers, designers, creative thinkers, strategy makers, with a witty sense of humor. WTS  also provides end to end solutions for digital marketing to resolve any challenges regarding online presence.



Kiran Rajgiri is the Founder of Witty Technical Solutions along with the Co-founder & CTO Mr. Dilip Chauhan. The company is based in India […]

The Spring Release


Just around Easter we did release the 2022.01.001 Spring Release of SpiceCRM. From the functional side of course there are enhancements like an enhanced reminder management. Or the first enhancements towards a significantly enhanced marketing automation engine and others. But most notably it is a technology focused release this time. Why this matters – because usability, response times and speed of a CRM […]

SpiceCRM Partner Process Flow Consulting

Based in Canada Process Flow Consulting has many years of experience with CRM implementation and has decided to join the SpiceCRM Partner Network. Watch the exclusive interview with Michael Loveless, President of Process Flow Consulting

SpiceCRM Partner eVolpe

“With SpiceCRM everything is possible” says Janusz Sobczak, IT Account Manager at eVolpe Consulting Group. In an exclusive interview Janusz reveals the potential of SpiceCRM for the Polish market.


SpiceCRM Bootcamp 2021

First SpiceCRM Bootcamp ever took place from September 6th to September 11th 2021 in Vienna at twentyreasons’ headquarters. We had the pleasure to welcome developers from CRM partner businesses evolpe and bizlink who are eagier to learn more about how to implement SpiceCRM for their respective customers. Within 5 days we shared competence on “CRM installation and dev environment”, “backend development”, “frontend configuration”, “frontend development” and “CRM Integration / Migration”. We started two projects that will result in additional extensions for SpiceCRM (Recruitment functionality and Travel expenses management). We’ve created videos and documentation that will be shared […]

Did you know you can customize and alter labels in SpiceCRM?

SpiceCRM lets you customize the labels according to your preferences. The inLine editing option gives you the opportunity to change a label’s name to whatever you prefer. It also lets you choose from various languages. Simply adjust your spicy labels by double clicking on them, which will open the editing mode right away. Once again a brilliant feature, efficient and quick, in just a few clicks!

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Did you know you can easily find other companies within a customizable perimeter using GoogleMaps in SpiceCRM?

SpiceCRM gives you the option to find and view further accounts within a certain area. GoogleMaps radius search integrated into the system, provides you with information on other customers and companies within a customizable radius. All you have to do is navigate to the account where you want to start from. In Maps, the selected account will appear right in the middle of the circumscribed circle and, as you can see, the system already found further accounts close to it.

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Did you know you can send and receive SMS in SpiceCRM?

SpiceCRM provides you with the feature of sending and receiving SMS right in your Activity Stream. Due to an integrated mailbox it’s very easy to send messages right to your contacts. Phone numbers can also be added manually if there is none saved within the contact’s details. All you have to do is open the contact in question and click on the ‘Text message’ button in your Activity Stream.

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Did you know that you can easily find directions to your accounts using GoogleMaps in SpiceCRM?

It is really easy to find directions to your accounts in SpiceCRM due to GoogleMaps integration. Simply open the account in question, go to ‘Map’ and it will show you the exact location of the account, right in the center of the circumscribed circle. Navigation provides you with 3 different simple ways of navigating to your final destination and additional information like the average time you will need to get there by car and the distance in either miles or kilometers, depending on your personal preferences set in SpiceCRM.
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Did you know you can synchronize your Google calendar with SpiceCRM?

In SpiceCRM you have the brilliant opportunity of synchronizing your spicy calendar with Google’s very own 🙂 Activities created in SpiceCRM can be viewed in Google Calendar as well as Google Calendar entries will be visible in SpiceCRM. All you need is a valid GMail address linked to your user. This function comes in very handy to keep track of your appointments and activities. It’s a wonderful and easy to use tool, once again saving you a lot of time and effort.
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Did you know how easy it is to create your personal dashboard in SpiceCRM?

In SpiceCRM it’s easy to set up a new dashboard according to your own preferences. Dashboards give you a good overview on what is currently going on in your sales pipeline as well as on your personal schedule, calls, meetings, etc. Your personalized dashboard gives you the opportunity to have the most important information on your home screen right away. They simply are an invaluable organizational tool. To start creating a home screen suiting your preferences you first have to give it a name and save it. After that you can start choosing the dashlets (blocks of […]

Did you know how easy it is to create and send a quote in SpiceCRM?

In SpiceCRM it is easy to set up a new quote, generate a PDF and send it via e-mail. All you have to do is create a new quote and save it. SpiceCRM then gives you the opportunity to create a PDF and send it in just two clicks. As always, easy, quick and simple to use.

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